Shantui’s Benchmarking Products Outshine at ConExpo
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On March 10, the ConExpo was opened grandly. As a grand gathering in the construction machinery industry, this triennial ConExpo attracted tremendous attention and all exhibitors eagerly exhibited the respective cutting-edge technologies and latest products. Shantui, as one of the world's top 50 construction machinery manufacturers, ceremoniously presented two new K series products at this ConExpo, bringing about distinctive construction machinery charming to the visitors.

To guarantee the exhibition effect, Shantui fulfilled the exquisite deployment in terms of the exhibit products, related data, booth design, and personnel organization. At this ConExpo, the “all-scene” booth built exquisitely by Shantui provided the visitors with the “zero-distance bulldozer experience” to further demonstrate the products visually, comprehensively, and clearly to the visitors.

Exquisite Product DH13K2

As a representative product of Shantui’s high-end full-hydraulic bulldozers, DH13K2 has reached world's advanced technical level. This product is remarkably promoted in terms of fuel economy, driving environment, and working adaptability. It’s powered by imported Fiat electronic control engine, with the emission compliant with North American regulation. The engine oil maintenance interval is upgraded to up to 600h to remarkably reduce the maintenance cost. It’s applied with Shantui’s hydrostatic drive technology and multiple operating modes to achieve higher power performance and better energy-saving. The machine is provided with three operating modes, namely Standard, Power, and Economy, at choice depending on the actual working load to realize the reasonable matching among power, efficiency, and power consumption. The integrated large color LCD screen is provided for mode setup, maintenance reminder, and temporary emergency handling. The standard high-power heading and A/C system, integral sealing and shock-absorbing system, air-cushioned seat, and safety passage system provide richer humanized driving experience and ensure comfortable and safe driving environment.

Innovation-Oriented DH16K2

High quality product means lower maintenance cost and longer life. Shantui takes customer needs into full consideration and continuously promotes product functions and design optimizations in the field of bulldozer. As another competitive product of Shantui, SD16K2 is an all-new upgrade product released by Shantui in response to the customer needs. This product inherits Shantui’s years of bulldozer R&D advantages, featuring excellent quality and stable and reliable performances. Shantui’s proprietary matching and control technologies combine with imported electric and hydraulic parts to achieve higher working efficiency and more outstanding fuel economy. The intelligent display and control terminal with integrated instruments is provided to achieve higher intelligence for the bulldozer. The integrally hexahedral cab designed as per ergonomic principle features broader visual field and brings about a free and pleasant driving experience to the driver. The machine adopts double-circuit electronically controlled hydrostatic drive system to ensure good load self-adaptability and high flexibility and efficiency and realize outstanding construction performance in narrow sites. The controller architecture with cross-checking of two modules, namely functional module and safety module, achieves higher safety and stability.

Large-pitch chassis parts for mine applications

As one industry’s leader, Shantui offers super-large mining chassis parts products and integral chassis lineup for various machine models to meet the diversified customization needs of the customers. The large-pitch track chassis parts exhibited this time perfectly adapt to high horsepower mining bulldozers and excavators.The advanced lubrication and sealing structure is applied. Shantui's exclusive heat treatment technologies and manufacturing processes remarkably prolong the lives of chassis parts. With the lives comparable with those of top-end competitors, these parts feature high cost-performance and easy maintenance and remarkably reduce the customers’ operating cost.

As a leading manufacturer in China’s bulldozer industry, Shantui has engaged in the construction machinery industry continuously for years and boasts own brand and technologic advantages. With years of technical accumulation and long-term production experience and big data analysis, Shantui is transforming quickly towards the intelligentization in both intelligent product R&D and 5G technology application to seize the technology heights and offer simpler and more efficient integrated construction solutions to the customers. In the future, Shantui will continue to advance towards the objective of world’s first-class construction machinery brand under the development concept of “We Aim to Your Maximum Satisfaction”. 

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