With New Products Aiming at High-End Market Shantui Makes Grand Appearance at ConExpo
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On March 10, U.S. local time, the ConExpo, one of world’s three major construction machinery expositions, was grandly opened. With magnificent scale and numerous visitors and exhibitors, the ConExpo gathered the world’s renowned construction machinery brands and is an important platform for presentation of latest technologies and equipment and exhibit products in the industry. Shantui grandly presented its latest hydrostatic star bulldozer products DH13K2 and DH16K2 and multiple component products to this ConExpo.

As the world’s most famous construction machinery product trade and exhibition platform, the ConExpo is held triennially and its exhibit products cover whole engineering and construction machinery products and components, including excavating machinery, earthmoving machinery, concrete machinery, lifting machinery, and road and compacting machinery.

At this ConExpo, aiming at the North American market, Shantui launch two K series hydrostatic bulldozers of North American emission regulation compliance, which are applied with world’s renowned power system and hydrostatic drive control technology and are provided with multiple operating modes to achieve strong power and better energy-saving and environmental-friendliness. These products integrate the opinions and feedbacks of North American customers and feature flexible and accurate controls, high operating efficiency, easy maintenances, and good comfort to better meet the North American high-end market needs. The ultra-strong stability, superior driving/riding experience, and all-round performance adapting to diversified working conditions will offer the customers with high cost-performance solutions.

Shantui’s core component products, namely drive sprockets, idlers, track rollers, carrier rollers, and tracks, were exhibited at this ConExpo. Shantui is the China’s largest construction machinery chassis parts manufacturer and is one OEM chassis parts supply to more than 100 brands worldwide. The large-pitch track chassis parts exhibited at this ConExpo perfectly adapt to high horsepower mining bulldozers and excavators. The bulldozer chassis parts adopt advanced lubrication and sealing structure. Shantui's exclusive heat treatment technologies and manufacturing processes remarkably prolong the lives of chassis parts. With the lives comparable with those of top-end competitors, these parts feature high cost-performance and easy maintenance and remarkably reduce the customers’ operating cost.

In recent years, Shantui kept up with the market needs and accelerated the product upgrade speed. Shantui continuously sought for breakthroughs in terms of intelligent control, power match, high-efficiency drive, and reliability design and gradually realized the domestically leading and internationally advanced core technologies, with the products marching towards the international high-end. Meanwhile, Shantui further expanded the approaches in terms of layout of both domestic and foreign markets, optimization of marketing strategy, and upgrade of quality and services and sufficiently played the industry advantages of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and the globally collaborative R&D advantages to build the golden industry chain effect of power, hydraulic, and chassis parts and boost Shantui’s brand globalization cause. 

At this ConExpo, Shantui’s exhibition booth was designed with the sense of better distinctiveness and rich modern technology and the digitalized mode was utilized to demonstrate the highlights and advantages of new products and enable the visiting customers to vividly experience the leading performances of Shantui new products. The exhibition booth of rich industrial design aesthetic perception and the equipment of super-high appearance level attracted numerous customers for visiting in succession. Led by originality and full of wisdom elements, Shantui equipment created new benchmarking of “Intelligent manufacturing in China” with their technologic innovations. 

Shantui products outshined at this Con Expo and, with unique product technologies and product value, attracted numerous visitors. On the opening day of this Con Expo, the customers all over the world flooded to Shantui’s exhibition booth for visiting and discussion and highly praised Shantui bulldozer and parts products. The staff of Shantui’s exhibition booth talked with customers warmly and proactively and received a wealth of intention information. 

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